Halo Master Chief Collection Update Is “Coming Soon” To Xbox One X According to Microsoft

343 Industries has been working on a Halo Master Chief Collection Update for the Xbox One X for quite some time now. We had no indication until now as to when the update will arrive, however, Microsoft is revealing that it is “coming soon”.

In the last episode of Xbox Inside, Brian Jarrard and James Monosmith of 343 Industries talked about what we could expect from the Halo Master Chief Collection Update: visual improvements “that include HDR support”, new features and more. In addition, the team notes that they are “modernizing” Halo with an update of the user interface.

Right after that, Microsoft took the matter to Twitter to announce to the fans that it won’t be long before we get to experience the upcoming Halo Master Chief Collection Update:

“Prepare your eyeballs for the Xbox One X Enhanced version of @Halo: The Master Chief Collection, coming soon”

Halo Master Chief Collection is already available on Xbox One with its update on Xbox One X coming soon. We might be able to find more about the update or its potential release at Microsoft’s showcase at E3 2018, which won’t take place in the event’s venue but at Microsoft’s own theater. For what it’s worth, it’s fair to say that the update is expected to be available by the end of summer. After that the 343 Industries department working on the Halo updates might continue on with another Halo title or maybe bringing Halo Master Chief Collection to PC.

When the Halo Master Chief Collection Update is out of the picture maybe 343 Industries will revise their movements and go on with the PC version of the collection too. After all, this won’t make any difference to the company since 343 Industries made it clear that Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5 are being produced apart in such a manner that they will not be pulling resources from the next Halo title.