Scarface, Orphan, Lady Shiva, and More Villains Coming to Gotham in Season 5

It has only been a few days since Gotham was renewed for one last season, primarily because the network felt that there were more stories to be told before dropping the curtain. Today, those who have been following the television series get to know what the next round of episodes will bring to the table.

Speaking with CBR in a recent interview, executive producer John Stephens revealed that there are several villains being introduced in the upcoming season. These include Scarface/Ventriloquist, Mother, Orphan, Lady Shiva, and more; all classic names that have been part of the source materials for decades.

“There are a whole bunch of characters I want to see that I feel the viewers at large aren’t fully aware of, like Scarface or Ventriloquist,” said Stephens. “There’s a great dark version of that character somewhere out there who I would like to see come out. Some characters we know we want to see are Mother and Orphan. We want to see Lady Shiva. We are going to see all those characters in Season 5.”

However, Orphan may end up becoming a potential ally against the massive bombs underneath the crime-ridden city. This will, though, not come easily because the character was actually inspired by Batman in the comic books to adopt the Batgirl identity. Since the Dark Knight is yet to surface in the television series, there could be other ways to convince her for help.

Gotham was pretty lucky to have been renewed for another season because the past week saw Fox cancelling several beloved television series such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Last Man on Earth, and The Mick. The current fourth season has received the lowest ratings yet, forcing the network to move the weekly airings to Thursday instead of Monday nights.

It can only be hoped that Gotham improves in ratings once the fifth season rolls out later this year.