No Man’s Sky’s Next Big Multiplayer Update And Xbox One Version Coming On July 24

No Man’s Sky is getting a big update this summer which will launch on July 24th alongside its debut on Xbox One. Hello Games’ Sean Murray announced during an Inside Xbox Livestream who confirmed that the update will come along with a full-fledged multiplayer.

The next update was described as the biggest update so far for No Man’s Sky’s back in March with a teaser. Though multiplayer already exists in the game but Murray said this update will bring more interaction between players in the game.

The new update will allow players to group, build, race, survive or just explore in the massive world of No Man’s Sky.

He said this update brings a long-awaited feature:

“It’s the kind of game that myself and a lot of other people have always wanted to play in a multiplayer world.”

Murray also mentioned that the team has been testing the online multiplayer features of the game from previous sixth months and according to them this gives the game a totally different feel. It’s fun, funny, emergent and tense he said.

The next big update will launch along with the Xbox One version of the. As for the game’s release on Xbox One, Sean Murray has revealed that it will be enhanced on Xbox One X with 4K and HDR support. Players will get all previous updates (Foundation, Pathfinder, and Atlas Rises) along with No Man’s Sky Xbox One Edition, which will also have a retail edition, courtesy of 505 Games. No Man’s Sky is also releasing on China through WeGame, the Tencent Chinese platform.

The long-awaited No Man’s Sky multiplayer big content update will be releasing on July 24th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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