Dragon Age 4 Possibly Teased By Major Character Voice Actor

Dragon Age 4 has been in and out of rumors for quite some time now. After being teased countless times, even a major voice actor for the franchise dropped the “tease” bomb today. Greg Ellis’ Twitter profile was on fire these past days after he revealed that he’s working “on an iconic video game series” for a company whose name starts with a “B”. Can you guess it?

As Greg Ellis revealed, Non-disclosure agreements between the company and the artists is important regarding announcements. Even though he couldn’t say more, he revealed that he is working on an iconic video game series for a company whose name starts with B, so Bioware is the one name that comes to mind, especially since he was the voice of Cullen in the previous Dragon Age titles. Is Dragon Age 4 really happening?

Here’s his post on Twitter:

Non-disclosure agreements are a triptych of company, artist & fandom.
The company wants to grow excitement, the artist wants to placate the fervent fandom. The ultimate industry fan tease.

I’m currently working on an iconic video game series. The company’s name begins with ‘B’

Another strong indication that Dragon Age 4 is happening is another post on Twitter. Mark Darrah has created a long post series on Twitter where he went through his entire carrier at BioWare, explaining his role on every title he worked on up until now. Later on, he announced once more that he is indeed the executive producer for both Dragon Age 4 and Anthem.

Producer Casey Hudson has made few things clear to the community waiting for the next Dragon Age that the game will have a main focus on the story and its characters and the players will be really pleased to see the results because the development team has been working really hard.

Source: Comicbook.com