Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaked Images Show Wreck-It Ralph, Toy Story Land And More

If you are an RPG fan then you must definitely be looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3 which is said to release this year. If you didn’t know, Youtubers and gaming news publishers were recently invited to experience the latest demo of the game without revealing it to the public but someone leaked some interesting images and now we know more about the game before the official reveal.

During the Kingdom Hearts 3 special premiere event the attendees were not allowed to share or reveal anything about the game but somehow one person took it for us and took pictures of the demo shown and shared it on the internet before getting kicked out of the event for doing so.

Luckily we weren’t there so we are going to discuss the leaked images in detail and if you hate spoilers we advise you to stop reading.

The biggest thing you will notice in these images is the appearance of Wreck-It Ralph though this doesn’t mean the character will make an appearance as the demo only includes the Toy Story and Hercules worlds meaning Wreck-It Ralph is likely a summon. Talking about summoning there’s a new feature called skip sequence for those didn’t like long summoning animations of the first game.

Wreck-It Ralph appears to be transported from the fictional game of Fix-It Felix Jr the retro-inspired Classic Kingdom mini-game.

Other than characters we can also see the Xbox One controller which tells us that the Kingdom Hearts will be making its way to Microsoft this year.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom will feature brand new mini-games inspired by classic Disney cartoons and 1980’s LCD games.

You can expect to know more about the game tomorrow when the Premiere Event’s embargo lifts. Stay tuned as we will be bringing more news to you as they get revealed.

Source: Imgur