Future Cable Movies Will Explore Two Important Aspects From His Lore

There are three more movies awaiting Cable (Josh Brolin) down the line but in comparison to his recent debut in Deadpool 2, the time-traveling mutant will be explored a bit differently in the future.

Speaking with Screen Rant in a recent interview, co-writer Rhett Reese noted two aspects that they are already looking to focus on for the character. These are taken from the rich history that Cable enjoys in the comic books and makes him what he is.

“We certainly want to explore the virus that’s killing him.” said Reese. “There was a little bit of that in this script and it didn’t quite make it into the cut, but this idea that he is sort of slowly becoming more machine than man, I think is definitely something we want to explore.”

In the comic books, Cable was infected by Apocalypse with the deadly techno-organic virus when he was just an infant. The infection, for those unaware, is designed to eat away and replace living tissue with living machinery.

In search for a cure, Cable had to be taken into the future. While the baby mutant eventually did find help, the cure was just strong enough to slow down the infection from spreading.

The techno-organic virus has already taken much from Cable, consuming his entire arm and more. This part of his lore was touched upon in Deadpool 2 when Cable travels to the far-future to stabilize his condition.

“We also want to explore a little bit of him being a man out of time because now he really is, the way we’ve set it up [in Deadpool 2], trapped, in theory, in this previous time and he’s committed to trying to make the world a better place.” said Reese.

Cable has made far too many time-jumps in the comic books for someone to count. Traveling through the past and future, changing events to create alternate timelines, and doing all of that again if things do not work out would certainly drive anyone mad.

Those interested in knowing more about Cable and his lore can go through this nifty piece that points out all the important particulars about Cable from the source materials.

Deadpool 2 is now running in theaters worldwide. The sequel is projected to earn more than $350 million in the global box office this weekend and could possibly end the three-week reign of Avengers: Infinity War.