Destiny 2 Power Progression Will Be Improved In The Next Update

With the release of the Warmind expansion, the developers of Destiny 2 intentionally made a decision to slow down the progression of power in the game. Since the launch of Destiny 2, there have been consistent complaints regarding the Destiny 2 Power Progression. Although the Warmind attempted to fix the issue, it apparently could not, as according to the developers they were not finished tinkering with how the progression works.

Now though, in the Bungie’s weekly blog, the Senior Investment Designer at Bungie, Daniel Auchenpaugh has detailed the changes that are coming up in the upcoming update. Based on Daniel’s word, Destiny 2 Power Progression will not only be fixed but will be fine-tuned.

Furthermore, he also said that in future we shall be keeping an eye on the feedback from the community and will use them to further improve the progression.

Daniel also admitted that these are some of the small changes but Bungie is looking at two key improvements for the next update coming out on May 29. While the bigger adjustments can be expected by the fans in the coming months.

Both of those key improvements revolve around Heroic Strikes, which have been a topic of contention with players. When it comes to Hero Strikes, it is one of the most contentious topics because they have 350 recommended power level but cannot reward gear above the soft cap of 340.

So for those who have been annoyed with the issues found in the Warmind update, they have a little ray of hope as at least some of the key improvements, like Destiny 2 Power Progression will be made coming May 29. Until then we would recommend you to stay put and not lose temper. Which seems to be an occurring issue when it comes to Destiny 2.

Very recently Bungie updated the Destiny 2 Development Roadmap on the upcoming features which you can take a deeper dive into.

Having said that, how has your experience been so far with the game? Encountered any latest issues? Let us know in the comments below.