Young Aragorn Will Take Lead in Lord of the Rings TV Series – Report

Aragorn, one of the main protagonists from the critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings trilogy, is said to return for the eponymous television series but in a bit different way.

According to a report from TheOneRing earlier today, the first season will follow the fan-favorite character from his youthful days. In addition, young Aragorn will be central to the storyline.

This brings up several speculations but there is a strong possibility of seeing firsthand how “the ranger” was raised by his mother in Rivendell, the influence of elves as a child, and more. In fact, the first season could possibly take place right in Rivendell and follow young Aragorn from there.

The ambitious and fairly overwhelming project is being undertaken by Amazon Studios. There will be at least five seasons in total, something that the Tolkien estate forced while selling rights for the epic franchise for $250 million last year.

When factoring in production expenses like casting, production, and visual effects, the television series is expected to cost more than $1 billion. What makes this figure shocking is that it does not cover the possible spinoffs that Amazon Studios plans to do after the seasons are done.

Finally, it has been revealed that the television series might “use material from the movies” during its run. This includes the set for the Hobbit trilogy in New Zealand that has now been turned into a tourist destination, as well as costumes and other paraphernalia.

There are currently no release dates attached with the Lord of the Rings television series.