Rumor: Battlefield V is Set in Vietnam, Twitter Account Bio Suggests

Battlefield V is going to Vietnam if the official Twitter account is any indication. If you look at Battlefield V’s official Twitter account’s bio, part of it will make you curious. The bio shared ESRB rating for the upcoming game and the rating mentions the use of drugs, gore, violence, which makes it a 17+ title.

If you aren’t aware of some of the lesser-known facts about Wars fought throughout history, you may not notice anything interesting about the rating shared by Battlefield. The use of drugs is an interesting bit here because only one war in history saw extensive use of drugs and that was fought in Vietnam.

During the Vietnam war, the American soldiers used drugs, steroids, and painkillers to enhance their combat abilities.  Over time, this came to be known as the first “Pharmaceutical War.” The level of consumption of psychoactive substances by American soldiers was unprecedented.

Here’s a look at the official Twitter Bio:

Going to Vietnam is exciting as not many games have done it before. However, for now, all this is simply speculations and Battlefield V could easily go to World War II this year. World War II is one of the settings rumored for Battlefield this year.

The game is going to be revealed later this month on May 23. Trevor Noah on May 23 at 1 PM PDT/4 PM EDT/10 PM CET will host a Live Stream on the official Battlefield YouTube channel. The reveal trailer has been on the editing table since last month so EA always intended to show the game ahead of EA PLAY.

EA PLAY is set for June where more details regarding the next Battlefield will be shared. Hopefully, one of the details is the rumored Battle Royale mode.

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