PS4 Firmware 5.55 Now Live, Brings Improvements To System Performance

Sonyy Interactive Entertainment has constantly been supporting its flagship console, PlayStation 4, with new titles, firmware updates and more and now Sony has rolled out the PS4 Firmware 5.55 for all regions.

Like a lot of previous firmware updates, the PS4 Firmware 5.55 doesn’t do much but only “improves system performance”. Also, the update itself is quite small in size as it is around 400MB of download.

Speaking of the PS4, the console has dominated the console market since the beginning of this console generation however, it has been almost 5 years since the launch of PS4 but, according to Andrew House, PlayStation 4 still has a long life.

During the GamesBeat conference, ex-PlayStation Boss Andrew House talked about how Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro has increased the life cycle of the current console cycle and how PlayStation 4 still has a long life.

I’m very bullish on longer life cycles for consoles. Consoles are so under-represented and under-penetrated in so many markets around the globe. There’s so much potential. Let’s not forget that China is still largely [untapped].

He further added that the launch of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will help extend the life of the existing console cycle and also noted that the physical media like DVDs aren’t going away in the game industry.

However, gamers have been asking Sony to introduce cross-platform play between PS4 and Xbox One but Sony has been very hesitant about it. While Sony is not very forthcoming when it comes to cross-platform play but according to Epic Games, cross-platform play is an inevitability.

The audience is everyone. Who do you know who doesn’t have access to a computing device – iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Mac? Very few people in the developed world. The audience is everyone, and that’s a huge opportunity for the gaming platforms.

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