Report: Next-Gen Nvidia GPU “GTX 1180” To Arrive In July 2018

Nvidia has its lips sealed when it comes to its next-gen GTX 1180 or GTX 2080 GPUs as Nvidia is yet to reveal them along with announcing their release window, however, a report has made its way on the internet suggesting that Next-Gen Nvidia GPUs, presumably GTX 1180 or GTX 2080, are coming in July.

This is according to Tomshardware, who claims that industry sources have revealed it to them that next-gen Nvidia GPUs will be available in July 2018. The sources, however, have chosen to remain anonymous so take it with a grain of salt.

While it is just a rumor but this falls in line with SK Hynix’s plans to mass produce GDDR6 in June and this particular memory will be featured in the next-gen Nvidia GPUs which presumably will either be GTX 1180 or GTX 2080.

If the mass production starts in June and considering that SK Hynix is going to be the main supplier for the GDDR6 memory then we can expect the Nvidia GTX 11 Series or GTX 20 series GPUs to drop in July 2018.

However, there is a chance that we might not see any next-gen GTX GPUs from Nvidia this year as a report has emerged that the company is working on a GP104 GPU based Nvidia GTX 1060.

The GP104 the same variant used for GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. While the GTX 1060 will be based on GP104 but the specifications will remain the same and will be exclusive to China.

This might indicate that Nvidia will be focusing on GTX 10 series GPUs in 2018 and will wait till 2019 to reveal its next line of GPUs with a new architecture.

Not only that, another report has made its way on the internet suggesting that  Nvidia is bringing a GTX 1050 with 3 GB VRAM to the market. However, there is a possibility that this 3 GB version of the GPU could be China exclusive like the 5 GB version of GTX 1060.

Do you think Nvidia will launch its next-gen GPUs in July 2018 or will it wait till 2019? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Tomshardware