New Valve Hiring Website Points To New Games And New Projects

A new Valve hiring website has apparently been established by Valve, which means that we might soon be seeing new games from the company, along with projects that Valve describes as “top secret.” This might mean that Valve will start developing games again, rather than sticking to a set few.

While Valve has a variety of games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Defense of the Ancients 2, and Team Fortress 2, and is working on a DOTA 2 card game known as Artifact, the studio has mainly been focusing on maintaining Steam, with no news at all about a new Portal game, a continuation of Half-Life, or Left 4 Dead in the past few years.

Several weeks ago Gabe Newell said that Valve had accrued enough experience and money to be able to finance both software development and game development, meaning that they could continue to improve Steam while hopefully managing to still be able to develop games.

The various openings at the new Valve hiring website include various roles like level designers, writers, and even a psychologist for the purposes of research.

While we do know of two games that Valve is working on (Artifact and the recently acquired Campo Santo’s “In The Valley Of Gods”), the studio has also said that other new games are in development. However, those upcoming games will remain top secret, likely until Valve is ready to say what they actually are.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’ll be getting Half-Life 3 anytime soon (though it is at least a sign that we might see it sometime this century), the fact that Valve is working on games again is definitely something that many gamers will probably want to celebrate.

Either way, if you think you have what it takes to work with Valve, you can head to the new Valve hiring website and apply for any of the available jobs.