FIFA 18 World Cup Ratings Released For Argentina, France, Germany

With the FIFA World Cup getting ever closer, along with the FIFA 18 World Cup mode coming just as fast, EA Sports has released the FIFA 18 World Cup ratings for various teams, such as Germany, France, and Argentina, which shows which team might have the best chance of winning the World Cup.

Since the FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, even though it only comes around once every four years, it only makes sense that EA Sports would program a World Cup game mode into their premiere soccer game. So, even if your own team doesn’t win the World Cup in real life, you can still try and lead them to victory in the game as well.

To start off with, we have the FIFA 18 World Cup ratings of the Argentina national team. While it has one of the best players in the world on it, Lionel Messi, who has a rating of 94, no one else gets anywhere near that high; the next highest players get an 88, and from there it ranges down to 78.

In the French ratings, the team there has a much closer spread of ratings, with the vast majority of team members spread across the 80s with only a few in the 70s, but they don’t have anyone near as good as Messi, with the highest rating among them being Antoine Griezman’s 89. It’s a solid team, but players like Messi are few and far between.

The German team, however, has better luck in the FIFA 18 World Cup rating. Its top player, Manuel Neuer, has a 91 rating, and two other players have 90 scores, something that neither Argentina or France have. Germany also has the distinction of not having any players dip into the 70s, unlike both France and Argentina. While Argentina has Messi, Germany’s greater distribution of stats and more skilled players might mean they could win in the World Cup.

But anyway, however the World Cup plays out, you can check other FIFA 18 World Cup ratings to see which teams would be best for you. The World Cup update will be coming out May 29 for free.