Destiny 2 Development Roadmap 2018 Updated, Crucible Labs, Prestige Mode, Bounties And More

Bungie the creators behind Destiny 2 have updated their development roadmap for this summer bringing additional features including bounties, Prestige mode, and Crucible Labs.

The development roadmap includes changes for exotic armor sandbox changes, faction rallies improvements, bounties, Raid lair prestige, quality of life fixes and more. The next update will arrive on May 29.

They have also scheduled a new seasonal event which is called ‘Solstice of Heroes’ where Guardians will be able to celebrate their accomplishments and earn new rewards.

Crucible labs have never been mentioned in roadmaps before which you might be also wondering like me what is it about. Well, the lead Design knew it too as he said:

“What is Crucible Labs?” and I’m glad you want to know more. Update 1.2.1 will include a new feature intended to give you a peek behind the scenes and a louder voice in our creative process. Crucible Labs will give every player of Destiny 2 access to experimental PvP content. We’ll then have a chance to solicit your feedback to guide our final iterations. You’ll learn more about Labs before launch. For today, with it making an appearance on the Roadmap, I wanted to give you a preview of our goals. More to come on this soon.

It’s unusual for Bungie to reveal a feature like this close to launch. You can take a look at the road in detail at the image below.

Other than these updates the studio has also brought a new crucible ranking system to season 3 and recently we discussed how Bungie was making fun of Destiny 2 players who said the game is easy by making the latest red lair known as Spire of Stars very hard which made players take approximately 6 hours to just complete it. The required light level for the raid is 370 and 380 is required for the final encounter If you are wondering.

Do you think Destiny 2 is heading towards the right path after facing so much criticism? Let us know in the comments below.