The Fortnite Replay Challenge Is Having Difficulties With Its Main Requirement

The newest Fortnite Battle Pass challenges for season 4 are happening today, and one of its fairly simple requirements is to watch a match replay. However, the Fortnite replay challenge has apparently run into problems, with version 4.2 of the game apparently having a lot of difficulty with actually watching replays in the game.

While this isn’t the first time that replay tools have been buggy in Fortnite, you would think that Epic would make sure that the replay function would work before putting a whole challenge in place that makes you have to watch a replay in order to complete it. Issues of corrupted files and more have also been seen in other attempts at seeing the replay of a match.

However, even if the Fortnite replay challenge isn’t working, there are still a large number of other challenges that you can take care of, though none of them are as easy as watching a match replay would be otherwise. There’s one where you have to hunt down ten rubber duckies throughout the map, or you can follow a treasure map in the Salty Springs map.

There are various ways that you could probably work around the Fortnite replay challenge, maybe by joining in a game and either immediately quitting out or doing your best to get killed quickly, but hopefully Epic will be able to fix this problem soon.

And if you’ve already done all of the other challenges for this week but are still looking for something to do, you can look back on previous weeks’ challenges, since they’re still active. If you haven’t done them already, you can get some extra battle points by doing those challenges.

But either way, you likely have until the end of this week to do all of the current challenges, so hopefully Epic will have the Fortnite replay challenge fixed then.