The Eternals Movie Finds Writing Duo for Phase Four

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) lies in disarray, courtesy of Thanos and the Infinity Stones, the Eternals have taken another step forward.

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter earlier today, writers Matthew and Ryan Firpo have been enlisted by Marvel Studios to pen the script for the upcoming cosmic project.

The duo are most known for co-writing Ruin (2019) that led the Black List, an annual survey to determine the “most liked” motion picture screenplays not yet produced, last year.

Besides the writing team, there is next to nothing known about the upcoming comic book adaptation from Marvel Studios. This includes the possible plot, potential characters, probable cast, and remaining crew members.

Granted that it was only a few weeks back when an installment based on the Eternals was officially confirmed for debut in phase four, Marvel Studios has ascertained that it will refrain from talking too much until phase three has concluded next year with the untitled sequel to Avengers: Infinity War, presently dubbed Avengers 4.

It has already been established that phase four will be taking a cosmic approach and feature comic book franchises such as the Guardians of the Galaxy. If the acquisition of 20th Century Fox goes well for Disney, the MCU will possibly make room for other space-hailing characters such as the Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, and Annihilus.

In the comic books, the Eternals were created eons ago through genetic experiments conducted by an ancient cosmic race called the Celestials. They can be taken as somewhat close to divine beings, possessing great powers and incredibly long lifespans. While their mission is to ensure peace and balance in the universe, they are often engaged in an ancient war against their destructive counterparts, the Deviants.

Avengers: Infinity War is now running in theaters worldwide.