Rumor: Next Battlefield is Titled “Battlefield 2” (Update)

Update: EA has officially confirmed that the next Battlefield is called Battlefield 5.

Original Story: Just a few days ago we reported that Battlefront 2 is being abandoned by EA. The news came from a person believed to be one of the developers of the game who grew a conscience. Pretty much everything he mentioned not only made sense but details he revealed turned out to be true, so at the moment we have no reason to doubt him.

Reading through his post on Reddit it is easy to miss the part where he mentioned the next Battlefield. EA DICE is yet to showcase its new title and it won’t do so before May 23 while a full reveal is set for EA PLAY next month. There are many rumors surrounding the game, including its setting, title, gameplay design, and more.

While we don’t know much about its new gameplay design, its title is something we can discuss today. The person who leaked Star Wars Battlefront 2 related information on Reddit referred to the new Battlefield as “Battlefield 2.” In the section where he revealed that Battlefront 2 is abandoned by Motive and Criterion and both have already left the game behind for other projects, he stated that DICE is the only one left handling Battlefront 2 which has become overwhelming for the development team as most of the members are busy with “Battlefield 2.”

While his English may not be the best, he shared enough details for us to understand what’s going on.

The two studios that worked for the game (criterion and motive) are not working anymore with the game for a few months already , the only studio that is managing it right now is DICE and only DICE. One of the studioes is already with battlefield 2 for a while.

The next game being named “Battlefield” 2 sits inline with a previous rumor suggesting that we are heading to World War 2. 2016’s Battlefield 1 took us to World War 1 so are we going to World War 2 this year? We will know for sure in just a few days where Battlefield 2018 is taking us.