Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership Now Available For Registration

If you’re part of a gaming family and you all have a Nintendo Switch that you like to play together, registration has just opened up for the Nintendo Switch Online family membership option, which will allow the whole family to make use of the services while only having to pay once.

The Nintendo Switch Online family membership option allows you to hook up up to eight different accounts, and you can also set your parental controls from that account so that if you don’t want your kids playing something like Doom or Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus or The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, you can keep them from starting those games and instead keep them limited to Super Mario Odyssey or Splatoon 2.

While the membership for the family plan is more expensive than the individual plan (it’s $34.99 a year, rather than the $20 a year for an individual plan), it’s the cheaper option if you have multiple people playing multiple Switches and want to save money rather than paying 20 bucks for each member of your family.

The ability to input parental controls also means that the only games your kids will be able to play are games that you think they should be playing, so if you think your teenagers are mature enough to handle Doom or Wolfenstein but don’t want their baby siblings playing anything but Mario or Splatoon, the family option is the perfect way to ensure that.

There’s no real confirmed date for when Nintendo Switch Online will actually be releasing into the wider world, but Nintendo has made the Nintendo Switch Online family membership plan available, so you can hook everything up and be ready for when it releases.

To learn more not just about the various different ways you can sign up for the new Nintendo online service, but also about the various games that you can buy or rent with an account, simply look around our site for more.