Here’s Everything You Need To Know About RAGE 2

Bethesda has just this week announced that RAGE 2 is happening through a series of “chaotic” teasers on Twitter, just as it fits the franchise. RAGE 2 is most likely to be one of the games that the company will showcase at this year’s E3 so, just a month before the event, let’s take a look at what we know about the upcoming title.

Trailers – Teasers

It all started with a leak from Walmart Canada, which even if it doesn’t look intentional, it set the timing just right. After that, the official Twitter profile of RAGE has been reactivated and actually stayed active for the following days.

Video and text teasers have been made public through RAGE’s Twitter account along with the two trailers for the game. One of the trailers is a representative live-action short and the other is a robust gameplay trailer showing the actual world of RAGE 2. Check them out:

Release Date – Consoles – Pre-Order

What do we know about the actual release of RAGE 2 though? There’s no release date yet instead there is a release window of 2019, so it might be sometime before we get to play the game.

RAGE 2 will be available on Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One with no information about a potential Nintendo Switch version. If that is happening then it will probably be after its official release on the other platforms since Switch ports are time demanding.

Pre-Order for RAGE 2 is available right now priced at $59.99 implementing several pre-order bonuses. These are:

  • Exclusive Mission “Cult of the Death God”
  • Settlers Pistol
  • Original RAGE Nicholas Raine Armor
  • Monster Truck


RAGE 2 is a collaborative project between id Software and Avalanche Studio, the developers behind the Just Cause franchise and Mad Max. As revealed by id Software director, their partnership isn’t the “develop a game and then show it to us” kind of opportunity. As he reveals, id Software knows how to make a first-person shooter action and Avalanche has the Open World expertise.

As far as development information go, Tim Willits revealed that they want RAGE 2 to be played longer and that’s what they want to achieve it by keeping the games-as-a-service model. In case you were wondering if that means loot boxes, the answer is no. You buy the game and play it, meaning that the “fun stuff” Willits promised to make the game last most possibly won’t include microtransactions.


Storywise, we don’t have much information about RAGE 2. The gameplay trailer’s description reveals that you’ll be playing as Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland. The game takes place in 2185, an era of apocalypse due to an asteroid wiping out 80 percent of the population. The earth is now a wasteland where ruthless gangs are fighting over territorial power. Those are the gangs, or factions, that you’ll be fighting in RAGE 2 in addition to The Authority, which acts like an oppressive ruler over the wasteland.

As Walker, you will be robbed of your home and left for dead, where you’ll have to fight your way out of situations happening in the wasteland. As expected, RAGE 2 will have some sort of storyline apart from the following, however, no further information has been revealed.


Regarding its gameplay, the most of it can be seen on RAGE 2’s gameplay trailer. The character of RAGE is present in the sequel featuring huge guns and a huge open world, much bigger than its predecessor. With forest, wasteland and swamp environments big enough for you to drive and fight in, the vastness is one thing that won’t be missing from the upcoming Bethesda title.

RAGE 2 gains inspiration from both its predecessor and Mad Max and it shows. Characters from different factions look punk-ish with mohawks and tattoos, vehicles (like gyrocopters) and upgradeable weapons are bound to create chaos and destruction. Nanotrite and Overdrive abilities will be also available, adding more fluff to its otherwise raw fights.

Future Information

Id Software has promised that more information about RAGE 2 will be coming as its release draws near. However, with E3 2018 coming in less than a month, its almost impossible for Bethesda not to showcase it during their show.

The company has even hinted more information coming at E3 2018. Their announcement indicates that there is news coming on the BE3 Showcase on Sunday, June 10, at 6:30 pm PT. You can catch the stream live on Bethesda’s channels on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and website.

You can find more information about RAGE 2 in the related blog post on Bethesda’s website.

RAGE 2 is releasing on Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One in 2019.