Boss Key Productions Co-Founder Reveals Unpublished Game Ideas On Twitter

Unfortunately, Boss Key Productions has announced that the studios’ door is closing due to wrong choices and timing. Only two days after Boss Key Co-Founder Cliff Bleszinski shared the announcement, he reveals three unused game ideas on Twitter.

After Lawbreakers shut its servers down last month, the studio seems to be rushing into things and start declining. As a final tribute to Boss Key Productions, Co-Founder Cliff Bleszinski shared a series of unused video games projects that he was working on before the studio closed.

The first one is a ninja/samurai-dragon theme PvE title which he codenames DragonFlies. What you basically do in DragonFlies is ride dragons, fight zombies and find yourself in huge airships. You’ll be able to find dragon eggs with different attributes to hatch somewhere along the way.  Riding a dragon is supposed to be like “what Halo did for vehicles” and learn from the mistakes of Lair and Scalebound. Bleszinski thinks of it as a PvE “feudalpunk” theme. However, the game was pitched to popular publishers but apparently was rejected. As he reveals, its budget was $40 million so it was not a cheap project indeed.

The second project Bleszinski revealed is Donuts, a VR arcade racing video game, a spiritual sequel to Toobin but with animals. Drinking ginger beer would add health, throwing beverage cans like in Mario Kart would cause effects and shaking cans up would cause AOE attacks. This one looks promising, unfortunately, we won’t see that one too.

Last but not least, DogWalkers (codenamed Rover) is a 5 v 5 v 5 v 5 v 5 tank battle title inspired by World of Tanks and Tokyo Wars. Players would be battling other players in massive DOGs, Destructive Ordinance (on the) Ground while trying to stay safe from the toxic air that inhabited the world. It kind of reminds us of Guns of Icarus where players have different roles as a pilot, engineer, gunner etc.

If you liked any of the aforementioned titles you’ll be sad to hear that they won’t get released since Boss Key Productions is now closed. Since the gaming industry is everchanging, there’s the opportunity of another studio buy any of these ideas or make something similar.