Battle Royale Games Like PUBG and Fortnite Have A Long-Lasting Format

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, the two premiere battle royale games currently available on the market, aren’t just a passing fad according to a statement by headset manufacturer Turtle Beach. They have apparently helped to drastically increase the company’s headset sales due to team-based gameplay and requirements to be coordinated during games.

Both PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite have both experienced meteoric rises to popularity ever since they were both first announced, enough that there are many other developers who wish to copy the format of these games, with varying degrees of success. Games like Dying Light have already done so, and Cliff Blezinski’s recently closed studio BossKey Productions attempted to create a Battle Royale game of their own in Radical Heights.

There have even been hints that franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty would also be attempting to make their own Battle Royale modes to capitalize in on the fun, though whether those are successful (or if they’re even true) remain to be seen.

However, you can’t fault them for trying. On both PC and consoles the games have both sold millions of copies and have huge numbers of players in them, and are constantly being updated all the time. Not to mention the potential for microtransactions that each game has, with various clothes, skins, and emotes being available.

As more publishers and more studios decide to try and create their own battle royale games, the accessories sector of video gaming will also feel the same benefits as more players buy headsets and possibly even whole new computers or consoles to be able to keep up with the scene

But if battle royale games are actually here to stay, rather than being a fad, hopefully all of the games that end up joining the genre will end up actually being good, rather than half-assed attempts at cash-ins.