What Other Companies Is Microsoft Customer Data Shared With?

With the beginning of the Information Age and ever-increasing concerns about internet privacy, it’s always a question of who your information is being shared with. Now, recent changes to rules on Xbox Live may make you wonder: who exactly is Microsoft customer data being shared with aside from Microsoft themselves?

Considering everything that you do on the Xbox, including buying games and movies, watching YouTube, browsing the internet, and playing games online, there’s a lot of different ways that your data can be accessed as you go about being an Xbox user.

There’s a lot of information being collected as well: things like error and bug reports from games, performance statistics, your country of origin, age, the time you’ve spent on certain games, achievements you’ve gained, bans you’ve gotten, content you’ve created (game clips and screenshots), and more.

With all of that Microsoft customer data, there’s a lot of places that it could go. Microsoft, however, doesn’t really have any control over what third-parties use it on, so there isn’t really much they can do with companies that decide to abuse your data in various ways.

With the various scandals recently from Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, along with the ever-present threat of identity theft, it mainly depends on the policy of the various third-party companies that Microsoft gives your data to. While Microsoft will stop giving data to those companies if they abuse the trust that having your data involves, there’s always the possibility that it might have already spread to other companies as well.

Either way, hopefully Microsoft customer data is being put in good hands, but even if it is you should always be mindful of what sort of information you put online, whether it’s relatively innocuous stuff like what achievements you have, or things like your name, age, and where you live.