Twitch Now Allows You to Skip Boring Sections of PUBG, New Filters Added

Twitch has added new filters to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds streams to allow players to sort out streams based on the number of players alive. These filters will help users to skip boring parts of the game.

If you visit Twitch’s PUBG page you’ll see a new option called remaining players where you can choose from different options including Fewer than 25, 25-50 and more than 50. These options will allow you to skip to the exciting parts of the game by skipping the boring phase or skipping someone who dies before killing anyone, Thanks to Twitch.

Other than this option, there’s also a new filter for ‘team type’, which has options including solo, duo, and squad to make it easy for you to watch what you are looking for.

With these all-new options, you can skip the earlier parts of the game and jump right into the heart-pounding action at the end.

There are no words on when this feature will be available for Fortnite as we recently discussed that Fortnite is dominating streaming platforms including Youtube and Twitch.

Fortnite is taking over the Twitch platform as well, since October the total number of hours of Fortnite being watched 25 million views with a weekly growth of 8.6%, this data was provided by SuperData in March and is increasing further as we type.

Fortnite was the most uploaded game on Youtube in January 2018 and is also holding the second spot when it comes to the watch time.

In Other news, PUBG Mobile has been here for a while and it’s a top game in more than 100 countries, the only thing mobile users were missing during the fun was the use of mouse and keyboard which can be quite useful in a battle royale game like PUBG. Well, the wait is over as Tencent has officially released a mobile PC emulator for PUBG mobile.