TerraTech Coming To Consoles, Payload Studios Announces

The developer and publisher, Payload Studios, has recently announced that TerraTech will be coming to the consoles. They made this announcement on their official blog.

TerraTech is an Open-world, sandbox adventure game, where the players get to design and build their own creations through a mix of crafting, combat, and discovery. Players will get to explore the hostile alien landscape or design with creative freedom. There will be a lot of choices for the players which they will have to make.

You will be starting your career as in intergalactic miner on a randomly generated infinite world in search of profit and glory. While in Creative mode, sit back and enjoy the privilege of building stuff to your heart’s content or dare to run the Gauntlet Challenge. The best part is that there are many game modes available in TerraTech to push your Tech building imagination to the limits.

The story of the game is set in distant future, as you can guess, Earths natural resources have been depleted. Since you are a resource gathering prospector, it is your job to travel to various alien planets and scour them for valuable materials.

You should know that it won’t be that simple, and you are not alone. Rival prospectors litter the landscapes of these new worlds and will fight for what is theirs and will not stop there. They will invade to take what’s yours. It just won’t be about survival, in fact, you will have to make your mark. For that, you will have to be cunning and creative.

There have been tons of improvements made by Payload Studios in the game.