Next-Gen Ryzen Threadripper Is Now Being Sampled, Will Be Based On 12nm

AMD just recently announced the next-gen Ryzen Pro enterprise APUs for desktops and mobile platforms, however, that is not the only thing AMD as revealed as the company has confirmed that it is sampling the next-gen Ryzen Threadripper processor that will be based on 12nm fabrication process.

During the announcement of AMD Ryzen Pro APUs, the company revealed that it has started to sample the Ryzen Threadripper CPU which might mean that all of its partners are preparing the processor for a launch. If AMD is currently sampling it then it might mean that we will see these CPUs in the market by Q3 2018.

Ryzen Threadripper

Speaking of the Ryzen Pro, Ryzen Pro mobile APUs include Ryzen Pro 2700U, 2500U, 2300U as for the desktop side of things include Pro 2400G, 2400GE, Pro 2200G and Pro 2200GE.

These APUs include features that are targeted towards business customers such as AMD GuardMI Technology with on-chip DRAM memory encryption, secure boot, fTPM/TPM 2.0 and “enterprise-grade” reliability.

The Ryzen Pro 7 2700U features 3.8GHz of Clock Speed while the Ryzen Pro 5 2500U features boost clock of 3.6 GHz. Both of these mobile APUs feature 4 cores/8 threads, however, the 2500U features 10 Radeon Compute Units.

Furthermore, AMD has confirmed that it is already working on Zen 5 Micro-Architecture. According to lead Zen architect Mike Clark, he is working on Zen 5 mico-architecture.

Also, first ever AMD Ryzen powered Lenovo Thinkpads have been listed. The listing didn’t reveal any extensive specs for these AMD Ryzen powered Lenovo Thinkpads but the listing reveals that these will feature AMD Ryzen CPUs up to AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 2700U.

What are your expectations for the next-gen Threadripper CPU? Let us know in the comments.