Ready At Dawn Job Opening Asks For Systems/Monetization Designer

A Ready At Dawn job opening is currently available for any interested party, if they think they can be the systems and monetization designer that the studio wants. Exactly what the studio is working on that involves that remains to be seen, as we haven’t heard anything from the studio in years.

Ready at Dawn’s main claim to fame is the release of The Order: 1886, an alternate history steampunk third-person shooter that got criticism for a large amount of different quicktime events and cutscenes compared to gameplay, along with a short length. While the new Ready At Dawn job opening is for their next Triple-A game, we have no idea of what that game actually is.

It could be a sequel to The Order that actually has multiplayer or something like it, or it could be something entirely different. The Order’s lackluster reception has likely killed any true chance for a sequel, so whatever Ready at Dawn is making next, it will hopefully allow them to make use of the lessons that that game taught them.

In addition to The Order: 1886, Ready at Dawn has also mainly worked on various ports to other games including the two spinoffs of God of War, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. Both of those games received critical acclaim on their release, though their game Deformers received more mixed reviews.

However, the company won a good bit of fame once again when they released their Lone Echo virtual reality game on the Oculus Rift, which ended up winning the award for Best VR Game at E3 2017. The game also got positive reviews when it was released, so Ready at Dawn’s fortunes may be improving.

However it turns out for the studio, the Ready at Dawn job opening will hopefully lead to good things for the studio, or at least a competent way to ask gamers to pay a little extra for more stuff.