Mad Max Developers Are Partnering With ID Sofware For RAGE 2

Today, Bethesda revealed the official teaser trailer for RAGE 2 from ID Software. Later today, their website leaked – or mistakenly revealed – that Mad Max developers, Avalanche Studios are partnering with ID to bring RAGE 2 to consoles and PC.

Just like it happened with the leak of the RAGE 2 release from Walmart Canada, the RAGE 2 Twitter profile now has a post giving the marketing department of Bethesda “some notes” as to how to correctly reveal a title without leaking information.

It doesn’t seem like Bethesda has actually made a mistake, rather than reveal ID Software’s collaboration with Avalanche Studios in a creative and funny way. Funny touch is the note saying that the box art is fine, we loved that part.

The box art, as well as the teaser trailer and the teases over the past few days, bare the same pink and yellow colors, bringing a new character to the rusty atmosphere of its predecessor. Speaking of character, who else would be more suitable to help create a chaotic title like RAGE 2 than the studio behind Mad Max?

Apart from RAGE 2, Avalanche Studios is developing a new title which apparently isn’t a new installment to the Just Cause franchise.

VG247 reports that Avalanche has worked with Bethesda in the past for titles like Prey and Fallout 4 but never in a straight partnership. This is the first time for such thing to happen within the walls of Bethesda since the company typically only publishes games developed by other ZeniMax-owned companies.

RAGE 2 is releasing on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with no stated release date yet. Its first gameplay footage might not take long to get revealed since Bethesda intends to add the game to its E3 2018 presentation. Bethesda’s E3 2018 conference is scheduled to take place on 10th of June at 6:30 PM PT/ 2:30 AM BST.