GameStop Has An Exclusive Spider-Man Collector’s Box Full Of Goodies

We are getting closer to one of the biggest games of the year, Spiderman PS4. As we get closer we are getting to know more about the upcoming game including its gameplay and different editions. One of the special editions is coming exclusively from Gamestop, Spider-Man Collector’s Box.

Spider-Man collector’s box edition from GameStop consists of several goodies to pair with the PS4 game. The collector’s box comes with seven different items, including home goods, accessories, wearables and many more. The box has a total value of $100 but is being sold for just $50.

Spider-Man collector’s box will come with a backpack, a notebook, travel mug, beanie, enamel pin, and two mystery items. Each item has Spiderman logo on it. The whole collection looks like the best option if you are into collecting items or a big Spiderman fan.

In other news, recently we had a look at an image circulating on the internet showing the Limited Edition Spider-man PS4 Pro. The image shows off custom design for the PS4 with Spidey themed console painted red and white with Spiderman logo on the front and controller being red and blue.

Other than that Insomniac has confirmed that the open world in Spiderman is bigger than any of their previous games like Sunset overdrive and also gives you more control of surroundings. The game will also give you the ability to change the weather and time to keep you involved in the game.

The director has confirmed that it will never come to Xbox, in case you are still expecting the game to be revealed for your console.

Spiderman is not an origin of Peter Parker and story is mature than previous games, Peter is a fun character with ESFP personality.

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Source: GameStop