Boss Key Productions Shuts Down, Wrong Choices, At The Wrong Time

There are a few games which are just a disaster, no matter how much juice you put in them, there is something that is always missing. Perhaps similar was the case with the Lawbreakers. As soon as Lawbreakers went dead, it pretty much marked the decline of the Boss Key Productions and now a recent announcement by the studio head has confirmed that it has shut down.

Many saw LawBreakers as a failed attempt by the studio and proof that the studio was in jeopardy. Although starting out free-to-play ensured that the price was right, it just was not enough to save the studio from working.

Yesterday, the studio head at Boss Key Productions, Cliff Bleszinski announced that the studio has been shut down, finito.

He posted a statement alongside his Twitter post, in which he announced that 14th May marks the official end of the line for Boss Key Productions. Furthermore, he added that he was going to take some time off, away from the gaming industry in order to reflect and spend time with his family.

Adding to that, he hopes that someday he will feel confident enough to return to the fold. Having said that, while most of the fans already saw this coming, there is a fair share of the audience who are also sad to hear the news.

According to Cliff Bleszinski, the decision to make a battle royale shooter was not inherently bad, it was basically another example of making wrong choices at wrong times.

With all that said, Boss Key Productions was definitely a studio with a lot of potentials. Perhaps, the studio gave to much heed to the competitive multiplayer shooter, which was a heavy gamble from the start and they knew it.

Having said that, we hope the best for all those who are not left with a job, due to this, and wish them goodwill for their future endeavors.