4K 120Hz Gaming Displays Have Arrived, Priced At $1400

Nvidia is expected to reveal the 144Hz 4K G-Sync HDR Monitors from ASUS and Acer later this month, however, before we get to see these 144Hz 4K G-Sync HDR Monitors, 4K 120Hz displays have arrived but they have some drawbacks of their own.

Wasabi Mango has rolled out its 43-inch 4K 120Hz displays which are quite expensive as it costs $1400. While they might be larger in size compared to 27-inch ASUS ROG and Acer Predator 144Hz monitors but, these 4K 120Hz displays have drawbacks.

The first drawback for these 4K 120Hz displays is that while Wasabi Mango has advertised them as HDR supporting displays but these aren’t certified by the VESA DisplayHDR standard.

As for the brightness, it features 400 nits which is bare minimum compared to 1000 nits brightness for Asus ROG PG27UQ and Acer Predator X27.

Originally, the Nvidia 144Hz 4K G-Sync HDR Monitors were supposed to launch in April but for some reason, the release was delayed and according to a report, these 4K G-Sync HDR Monitors will launch later this month.

The report comes from PC World’s Gordon Mah Ung who got a sneak peak of Acer’s X27 Predator which is one of the Nvidia 144HZ G-sync HDR monitors and compared it with the standard 4K 60Hz G-Sync monitor.

While he compared the two monitors in detail but, what got our attention was that he mentioned that this Nvidia 144HZ G-sync HDR monitor will release “as soon as two weeks from now”.

While these Nvidia G-sync 144 Hz HDR monitors will be coming to the market but, there is no GPU from Nvidia that can handle the 4K at 144 Hz which might indicate that Nvidia might be ready to unveil its upcoming GPU series.

If not then these displays will prove to be future proof as future graphics cards from the GPU giant and probably AMD will be able to fully utilize these displays.