Bungie Is Making Fun Of Destiny 2 Players Saying The Game Is Easy

Not so long ago Bungie officially launched the red lair known as Spire of Stars for its latest game Destiny 2. After the launch, most of the players assumed it would be easy to complete and not so hard. But the raid was harder than everyone expected after which Bungie took it to Twitter to make fun of those calling Destiny 2 easy.

Destiny 2 team leaders including Joe Blackburn and Deej BNG sent out a Tweet making fun of the players who were surprised and thought that Spire of Stars would be easy.

Joe Blackburn took it to Twitter with a GIF showing how the players will be acting tired and surprised after playing Spire of Stars.

On the other hand, Dague said that this happened due to the fans criticising Destiny 2 as too easy.

If you are thinking about the difficulty of Spire of Stars raid, the required light level for the raid is 370 and 380 is required for the final encounter, which players were predicting to be 340-350 before its launch.

The raid is definitely not easy to beat but we hope Destiny 2 community has a response for the developers by beating the raid as soon as possible and show everyone how it’s done.

We have also made a Spire of Stars Raid lair guide to help you out and we will be updating it as we get closer to the end.

In other news, the studio has also brought a new crucible ranking system to season 3.

The new system is called Glory, which increases with wins and decreases with losses. This seems quite tough to achieve but a one hardcore player has recently earned the must have the weapon which is tied to the Glory, called Redrix’s Claymore in just 12 hours.

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Source: Twitter