Activision Teases Black Ops 4 Before The Community Reveal Event

We are closer than ever to the reveal of Black Ops 4, in just three days, we will finally know everything about the new Call of Duty. And Activision has already started teasing us.

Recently, the studios shared an animated image (GIF) on Twitter to remind us that the presentation will take place on May 17.

Well at first, it looks like there’s only the date being revealed in the GIF but we have been taking a deeper look at it and it’s not just the date they want us to see. Actually, if you take a closer look it looks like there is a round shape which looks like a head and it seems someone using a handgun, grabbed a person from being and placed the gun on his/her head.

That’s what we make of it but do share your views about it in the comments. Moving on, Black Ops 4 will feature a zombie mode and that too is being teased on social media.

The Zombies mode is official and has been teased again recently with an image showing we might be getting the best zombie mode ever in this Call Of Duty.

Other than that Treyarch recently revealed a set of new perks which are going to be in Black Ops 4. We spent some time getting to know what each perk stands for and we got some decent guesses, It includes Dexterity perk,  Fast Hands perk, Scavenger perk and Marathon/Extreme conditioning.

Activision will be hosting the reveal event this week on May 17 and invites have been already sent out.

Are you excited for the Black Ops 4? Let us know in the comments below.