Rocket League Progression Overhaul, “Cross-Platform Friends & Parties” And More Coming This Summer.

Rocket League is one of the most popular games out there and developer Psyonix has been very active to introduce new content and update the game and now the devs have announced that a complete Rocket League Progression Overhaul along with Cross-Platform Friends & Parties and more are coming.

In the latest blog post, the devs revealed a roadmap for the game detailing what is to come to the game. In May the game will be getting a new arena, Competitive Season 8 and more.

  • A brand new Arena
  • The start of Competitive Season 8
  • Competitive Season 7 Rewards
  • New in-game music with the release of ‘Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3’
  • And more!

In June the game will be getting a summer themed event, new premium DLC and RLCS Season 5 World Championship.

However, this summer the game will be seeing a complete Rocket League progression overhaul and cross-platform play for friends and families.

Progression 2.0

  • Leveling Updates
    • We’re removing the level cap of 75 and re-balancing the entire level-up curve. Levels will take a fixed amount of XP to earn instead of becoming exponentially longer as you level up.
    • You’ll be converted to a new level appropriate for how much you’ve played Rocket League in your career.
    • Leveling up grants you an Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, or Import item (instead of these drops being randomly-timed as they are currently)
    • You can earn new Titles and Banners at level 100 and beyond to show off your status
  • XP Updates
    • As part of the leveling updates, XP is going to become Online-only
    • XP will now be based on Time Played in matches in addition to your Score.
    • New XP Mechanics!
      • Match Completion Bonus (for finishing games)
      • Consecutive Games Bonus (for staying in Casual lobbies)
      • Party Bonus (for playing with friends)
      • Leaver Penalty (to punish quitters in all modes)
      • Double XP Weekends
      • And more!

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Source: Rocketleague