Monster Hunter Celebratory Item Pack Now Available, Free Armor Sphere And More

Capcom has released the Monster Hunter Celebratory Item Pack which has brought in a challenge quest schedule as well as an updated event.

This new Monster Hunter Celebratory Item Pack has brought in a new list which includes special quests that will be available for players starting today till 31st May. Adding to that, a new free item pact is also available as a special login bonus to celebrate the Hiroshima qualifier of the Monster Hunter Championship. Although the availability of this special login bonus is until 18th of May.

You can grab the package by simply just logging into the game and pressing triangle. This package includes 10 Armor Spheres, 7 Armor Sphere+, 5 Advanced Armor Spheres, 3 Hard Armor Spheres, 1 Heavy Armor Sphere.

Happens to be that the crossover challenge quests with Street Fighter 5 are still ongoing, for both, Ryu and Sakura.

Monster Hunter World rolled out at the start of this year, and it has made its place in the hearts of the fans. Playing the game has been a remarkable experience for the players. That said, in this evolving gaming industry, the real aspect of fun in a game seems to be losing grip.

If you would remember, there once was a time when you could purchase a game and play it instantly, without the worry of huge updates or constant exclusive content being rolled out by the developers. Although now the video game industry has pretty much shaped to be a more of a grossing industry.

With a few exceptions of the games like Monster Hunter World and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which are living proof, that players need and prefer quality content to play and they do not prefer half-baked products loaded with microtransactions and paid DLCs.

Having said that, what are your thoughts on the matter? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.