Minecraft Crossplay And Achievements Coming To Nintendo Switch

Microsoft has announced that the Minecraft Bedrock update, also known as Better Together, will finally be available on Nintendo Switch on June 21st which will allow cross-platform play.

This update will allow cross-platform play with Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android version of Minecraft excluding PS4 because it doesn’t have the update yet.

The new Bedrock Edition will also receive a physical release on Switch alongside the digital version of the game.

Bedrock allows cross-play between all supported platforms and will give Switch owners access to multiplayer servers. The update will also include achievements and gamerscore to track progress.

It also features Marketplace which will allow players and creators to buy and sell maps, texture packs and unique skins which will be available on all platforms having the Bedrock update.

You can use Minecoins, a digital in-game currency which is linked to the player’s profile and will be available on all platforms just like their purchases, to purchase the aforementioned maps and texture packs.

The update will also bring performance improvements. Also, note that the update will be free for all players who already have Minecraft on Switch.

Better Together was launched on PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Android last year and is (as its alternate name Bedrock suggests) designed to be the unifying base for all versions of Minecraft in the future. Previously, each platform had its own specially designed version, created by the developers of 4J Studios.

In other news, Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update 1.2.13 released last month and it has brought in a lot of new features, changes, bug fixes, experimental gameplay and some additional add-ons which contain resource and behavior packs.

The new update also adds updated aquatic features through the experimental gameplay, also creates automatic realm backups, alongside some other minor perks.

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