Destiny 2 Warmind Walkthrough Guide – Pilgrimage, Off-World Recovery, Strange Terrain, The Will of the Thousands

The new expansion for Destiny 2 is out and there is a brand-new campaign for you to go through. Despite the fact that the campaign is quite brief, there will be multiple instances where you will be stuck and you will need this Destiny 2 Warmind Walkthrough Guide.

Our Destiny 2 Warmind Walkthrough Guide will guide you through the entire Destiny 2 Warmind Story in a step by step process to ensure that you are able to easily pass through any place where you might find yourself getting stuck.

Destiny 2 Warmind Walkthrough

Warmind is the second expansion that has been released for Destiny 2. There are new rituals, co-op activities and other events to add to the content that is already existing in the game. There is also new gear for you to find along with a new story.

The new campaign will begin on Mars of course. Remember that it is best to have a Power Level of 310 before you begin this campaign. In order to begin your campaign, you need to head on over to Mars from Destination and start the story ‘Ice and Shadow’. Let’s go ahead and see how to easily complete the Ice and Shadow campaign.

How to Complete

At the beginning of the story, you will need to rendezvous with Ana Bray. You will land in the Hellas Basin area. Go down and follow the path that is on the left side of the mountain. There will be enemies for you to defeat here including the Grasp of Nokris. All you need to do is stay at a safe distance and you will be able to take them out. A Vanquisher will also stand in your way that has to be defeated.

Utilize the cover and make your way to the end of the open area and into the facility. When at the facility, kill all of the enemies to hear a transmission that will signal the beginning of the next mission.


When the cutscene ends, make your way to the marker and kill the enemies that are dropped in by the plane. Continue on the path and clear all of the enemies that you face by utilizing the cover that is scattered in the area. Counterattack the enemies with the shields and have your priority on the ones that are defenseless.

Once you have cleared the area, you can enter the door that is opened up by Dr. Anastasia Bray. Explore the area by following the markers that are scattered around it and clear all of the enemies near the core.

Take the enemies on the upper platform first and then turn your attention to the enemies in the left lobby. Continue in the lobby after the enemies are dead and take the entrance in between the wires. After that, use the Valkyrie that you find and just throw them on the enemies. Move from the first Valkyrie to the next one and defeat the boss before you get to the third one. Once you have defeated all of the enemies in the area and accessed the marker, you will have unlocked the Hellas Basin Free Roam.

Off-World Recovery

Talk to Ana Bray and go to EDZ to get the fragment of Traveler. After that, summon a vehicle and get to the marker location to begin. At the objective, you need to kill off the Takens that are present in the area. Kill the smaller enemies first and then take care of interference in the area. There are 3 of them and they can be found in the shed and the backside.

After that, head on over to the marker and clear all of the enemies. Survive the taken assault and make sure the shield around the traveler fragment is not broken. Enemies will come at you from all sides and you need to take care of them all at once.

Once you are done with all of them, you need to take out a few Taken bosses. Kill the bosses before grabbing the fragment and then getting it to the marks.

Strange Terrain

You need a level of 28 in order to attempt this mission. You will be going into the Hive territory to find the feeding ground for the Xols. Enter the cave and head on inside. There will be tons of enemies in your path and you will need to eradicate them all.

Keep on killing all of the enemies in your path as you head deeper and deeper into the tunnel. Follow Xol’s marks and destroy the crystals by throwing relics on them. After that, you will have to face and defeat Nokris.

Remember that the rocks are there to help you. Use them for cover to take out Nokris in a slow and deliberate manner. Clear up the smaller enemies as soon as they pop up and then turn your attention to Nokris. Use your grenade launcher as much as you can and try to find a workaround for his shield. Defeat all of the enemies that are brought in by Nokris and eliminate Nokris himself to finish the mission.

The Will of the Thousands

Travel to the marker using a vehicle and take care of all of the enemies that are in your way. Cross the cave and take out the other enemies that you see. Take down the inhibitor and then head to the backside of the structure to take out the second inhibitor.

Defend the area until the neural network is stable and then take the door to the left. Try to use your Rasputin powers to take out enemies easily. Throw a Valkyrie in the core and defend Rasputin until you come face to face with the worm.

Here, you will be facing the final boss of the expansion’s storyline. Just stay in cover and avoid the fire projectiles. Look for the green fog and stay away from it. Survive until the neural network is online and then use the Valkyrie to take out the boss slowly. Once 50% of the health is gone, there will be other enemies who will come and join the worm in the fight.

Dodge the worm attacks whenever your screen turns green. In the end, you will see a purple light come out of the worm’s mouth and you will need to jump over the platform and make use of the javelin to kill the worm. Once you do that, avoid the area where the worm falls and dies.

That is all we have for our Destiny 2 Warmind Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!