Destiny 2 Warmind Region Chests Locations Guide – Braytech Futurescape, Glacial Drift

You can never call a game great unless it provides you that particular satisfaction; that one thing to cheer about and feel like you’ve really gained something. In Destiny 2, this comes in the form of some Legendary Chests hidden throughout its world. Warmind expansion is no exception; Mars is riddled with Destiny 2 Warmind Region Chests.

Destiny 2 Warmind Region Chests

There are a total of 6 Region Chests hidden in Mars as you play through the Warmind expansion of the game. Each chest will grant you some items called Mars Tokens.

If you manage to obtain all six of these chests and with them the tokens, you’ll be able to achieve the Treasure Hunter milestone. What this will get you are x2 Legendary/Exotic items.

Three of these Region Chests are located in Braytech Futurescape while the rest of the three can be found in Glacial Drift area. For locations, you don’t have to worry too much since these are already marked on your map as small icons. Nonetheless, some locations can be a little frustrating to discover, so we’ve given directions below for each of these Region Chests in Warmind.

Braytech Futurescape
Region Chest #1
West of the region, the first region chest can be found under a set of stairs. To reach them, first, take the door to the Lost Sector located in this area. You can find it inside the Hive building. Exit the Lost Sector through the north and you’ll be able to find the staircase.

Region Chest #2
South of the region, you will find Region Chest #2 in a blue-painted building that borders Cabal Public Event. You will find the chest next to a blue cylindrical tanker or container.

Region Chest #3
Northeast of the region, climb up the area with the huge tanks on the roof. Drop down to a lower-platform that is guarded at the edge by a safety net. On this platform, you’ll be able to find Region Chest #3 under the catwalks.

Glacial Drift
Region Chest #4
Inside the hanger area after the bridge, you’ll need to jump onto a catwalk and look for one of the boxes which will help you climb over to the high platform holding the Region Chest.

Region Chest #5
Heading southeast of Glacial Drift, walk along the edges of the cliff on the right-hand side. Look down below to find a Region Chest lying on a lower-platform. Drop down to unlock the chest and collect the tokens.

Region Chest #6
Move southwest to come across a huge tower and ascend it. Move along the platform of the tower until you make out the treasure lying atop a concrete doorway. Make your way to the chest and collect the last bit of tokens.

This is all we have in our Destiny 2 Warmind Region Chests Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!