Black Panther Director Wants All-Female Wakandan Spinoff

The female characters portrayed in Black Panther (2018) were not only appreciated by critics and audiences alike, but also amounted to one of several reasons that pushed the recent installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to outstanding success.

In fact, many have been floating the idea about a potential sequel or spinoff that focuses solely on the powerful women from Wakanda. Could Marvel Studios be open to such an installment in the forseeable future?

Speaking with Variety at the Cannes Film Festival this week, director Ryan Coogler expressed great excitement over such a project because he believes that they deserve such attention.

“Oh man that would be amazing if the opportunity came up,” Coogler said. “They did it in the comic-book version.”

He further noted that the portion of the movie where the female characters took the lead in the absence of their king still brings him great enjoyment.

“That part of the movie you feel like you’re watching something fresh and new,” Coogler said. “That part of it was exciting. We have these actresses who could easily carry their own movie. Some of them have before. We were so fortunate. I would watch a movie with them!”

Hoping for an all-female take on the Black Panther mythos would not be out of the question. Marvel Comics is already working on Wakanda Forever: The Amazing Spider-Man for this summer. The setting will see members of the Dora Milaje — Okoye, Ayo, and Aneka — journey to New York to investigate a threat to Wakandan national security, where they cross paths with the web-slinger.

Black Panther has earned more than $1.3 billion so far and is currently the ninth highest-grossing movie of all time in the worldwide box office. It is now available digitally, and will release on Blu-ray and DVD next week on May 15, 2018.