BioWare Promises that Different Anthem Playstyles Will Be Available For The Game

BioWare has promised that there will be different Anthem playstyles available for gamers to choose when the game comes out, allowing gamers to play the game the way that they want to. This includes avoiding having to play with random players, wanting to make choices, and much more besides.

Anthem is BioWare (but mostly EA’s) answer to shared world shooters like The Division and the Destiny series, and takes place on a hostile world where humanity is confined to a single city. Brave Freelancers leave the city walls in suits of powered armor known as Javelins. However, it hasn’t been a very popular reveal with many BioWare fans.

These fans are worried that Anthem’s development and maintenance will prevent other BioWare video games from coming out, and worries that EA will shove microtransactions into the game are also a fear. However, BioWare studio head Casey Hudson has said that BioWare’s intended design for different Anthem playstyles will also appear in other upcoming games, such as a new Dragon Age game.

The lackluster reception of Mass Effect Andromeda has also been the cause of some skepticism, with many believing that if Anthem doesn’t succeed then EA will kill the studio the same way that they did Visceral, which was shut down last month when EA decided that it wanted the studio’s upcoming Star Wars game to be an open-world game rather than a linear experience.

We’ll likely be getting more Anthem information when the game appears at the EA Play event during the week of E3, but that does bring into question whether or not Anthem will actually be good, especially if EA tries to shove in microtransactions again. While they’ve said that they won’t be doing that, and that BioWare’s A-team is on Anthem, we’ll have to see how it is when the game actually comes out.

There’s no real release date for Anthem yet aside from in March of next year, but at least EA Play will give us an opportunity to see more of the game and hopefully see more of the different Anthem playstyles.