A Half Life 3 Fan Game Is Being Made From Leaked Half Life 3 Script

That Half Life 3 script that was leaked onto the internet by Marc Laidlaw is apparently going to be made into a Half Life 3 fan game by some enterprising fans who are tired of waiting. Entitled Project Borealis, the game will be using Laidlaw’s script as a benchmark, and going from there.

It’s been over 10 years since Half Life 2 Episode 2 was first released by Valve, and Half Life 3 or Half Life 2: Episode 3 coming out has since become a pipe dream for many fans of the series, and it’s now the butt of the “Never coming out” jokes since Duke Nukem Forever got released in 2011 (and was subsequently savaged by critics).

Valve’s corporate culture is a very relaxed one that allows people to work on what they want at their own pace. While this has resulted in a lot of workplace happiness, it hasn’t resulted in very much gamer happiness: Valve’s game development has slowed to a near-crawl ever since Steam came out, and even though Gabe Newell says that the studio is now ready to work on games again as well as Steam, proving that will be difficult.

Whether or not the Half Life 3 fan game will even be able to get off the ground remains to be seen as well. While other fan games like Black Mesa, an updated re-release of the original Half Life, got Valve’s blessing, making the new installment because Valve won’t is an entirely different matter, even if it is just a fan game that likely won’t be sold for profit.

Either way, unless Valve actually announces a game other than the upcoming DOTA 2 card game Artifact, or actually starts working on a new Half Life game, the Half Life 3 fan game will likely continue being made unless Valve slaps it with a cease and desist. Either way, hopefully something comes of it.