“Ultimate Gaming Experience” Teased By Nvidia For GTC Taiwan, Next Gen GPU Announcement Coming?

Nidia has been very quiet about its upcoming line GPUs leaving us with only leaks and rumors to contend with, however, Nvidia has teased the “Ultimate Gaming Experience” for the upcoming GTC Taiwan event.

Nvidia will be taking the stage at GTC Taiwan on May 30th, just before Computex 2018 starts. Nvidia has also listed the event on its website, however, as noted by VideoCardz, only the Taiwanese version mentions the Ultimate Gaming experience.

However, if you have been hoping that Nvidia might reveal its next-gen GPUs then you would be disappointed as the official topics of discussion for the event will be AI related.

Utilizing GPU computing to explore the world’s infinite possibilities – witness the power of artificial intelligence and the ultimate gaming experience in GTC Taiwan and Computex 2018.

According to the listing, Nvidia will be revealing custom models of existing GTX 10 GPUs that will be powering upcoming laptops and will be focusing on its GSYNC 4K HDR displays.

Speaking of the 4K G-sync HDR displays, these high-end displays will reportedly launch in May.

The report comes from PC World’s Gordon Mah Ung who got a sneak peak of Acer’s X27 Predator which is one of the Nvidia 144HZ G-sync HDR monitors and compared it with the standard 4K 60Hz G-Sync monitor.

According to Gordon, these Nvidia 144HZ G-sync HDR monitors will release “as soon as two weeks from now”.

Furthermore, Nvidia is collaborating with Square Enix for the upcoming Shadow Of The Tomb Raider to improve the game’s performance on PC and introduce PC exclusive enhancement.

We’re pleased to announce that we’re working with the studios once more on the PC version of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This collaboration will bring all the benefits of the GeForce gaming platform including GeForce technologies, GeForce Experience features, Game Ready Drivers and much more to deliver the definitive PC version for the Tomb Raider series.

Do you think Nvidia will launch its GSYNC 4K HDR displays in May? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Videocardz