Microsoft’s E3 2018 Lineup is More of the Same

Microsoft had to settle for second place this generation mainly due to the lack of games it offered for Xbox. Not to mention, the original pitch for Xbox didn’t do the console any good. In fact, for the first two years, the pitch acted as a deterrent to rid of interested buyers.

Whatever Don Mattrick was smoking at the time, thankfully, he didn’t share it with Phil Spencer. The man took the job as the head of Xbox and made Xbox One relevant in the market. However, due to the lack of investment they made in first party studios, the battle was already lost. Over the course of this generation, if we compare the number of new and quality exclusive games that came out on PS4, Xbox would feel embarrassed.

Sadly for Xbox One owners, while the company is now investing is first-party content, it won’t be ripe until the next Xbox comes out.

As we head into E3 this year, Xbox fans need to keep their expectations in check. Microsoft’s E3 2018 lineup offers very little in terms of new IPs. It is more of the same. We will see another Forza game, Gears of War is heading to E3, a rumored Halo Genesis, a bucket full of indie titles will be on display.

Now, Xbox fans may not like what I’m saying but facts don’t change depending on how you feel about them. Microsoft made all the wrong moves with Xbox and heading into E3 one cannot keep high expectations when everything points to more of the same.

Seeing another Halo or Gears isn’t exciting; they are not system sellers anymore. Microsoft needed to make early investments in new creative IPs but the ship has sailed, well, at least for Xbox One.

The next Xbox should offer better content and is expected to focus on gamers, less on TV.