Nintendo Switch Online Services, Features, Pricing, and Everything You Should Know

Nintendo Switch Online services are here and they will allow players to play online and enjoy different perks for a fee. It is a similar system to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. However, Nintendo Switch Online services are much cheaper.

But cheaper price point also means that some of the key features are missing from Nintendo Online. The following is everything we know about Nintendo Online Services including price, features, and more.

What is Nintendo Switch Online?

Nintendo Switch Online is an online infrastructure that is designed to allow gamers to play online with friends and family. It also features access to a limited number of NES games and additional features for Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app.

Online Play

Online play is limited to a select number of compatible games. Not all games feature online multiplayer so right now we have games like Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, ARMS, Mario Tennis, and Sushi Striker that support online play.

NES on Nintendo Switch

Sadly, no virtual console is planned for Switch anymore so players would have to settle for NES games through Nintendo Switch Online.  Currently, the service will kick off with 20 NES but more are going to be added regularly.

Save Game Data Online

Save your data online for easy access but more details about this feature are coming before the launch of the paid service later this year.

Online App

You will have access to Nintendo Switch Online app and use with compatible apps.

Special Offers

Details are not yet shared about what kind of special offers we will get but expect discounts and bundle offers.

Nintendo Switch Online Pricing

Invidual Pricing: 1 month for $3.99, 3 months for $7.99, 12 months for $12.99.

Family Offer: 12 months for $34.99 – add 8 Nintendo Switch units.

The service seems pretty decent but fans are still not that happy about it. There are many who welcome online saves but paying $20 a year is for save files backup is not sitting well with consumers. Hopefully, Nintendo will reconsider locking this feature behind a paywall.