Nintendo Charging Stand For Switch Is Finally In The Works, Will Cost Only $20

All those who own a Nintendo Switch, know that its kickstand is not the best, for some it really sucks. Not only is it flimsy, it only has one angle and the worst part is it can not be used while the system is charging because the USB-C port is on the bottom edge of the console. Which was a bummer, although now seem like a new Nintendo Charging Stand for Switch is in the works.

Nintendo Switch users have been working around these technicalities to satisfy their basic needs. Still, the solution was either costly or ineffective. Previously if you wanted to charge while playing in Tabletop mode, you had to be creative in finding ways to prop it up and even if you did, you were always at the risk of ruining its cord.

Although now, Nintendo is finally fixing that issue by releasing a $20 worth accessory, which will serve as a charger and an adjustable stand. This charger will be available for purchase on July 13th.

On the official Twitter account of Nintendo of America, a post was made, which revealed this news of Nintendo Charging Stand in the works for Switch. Along with the post, an image of the charger was also added. So that fans can have a glimpse.

To be honest, the charger does seem promising, and according to Nintendo, it aims to cater all those issues that fans have been facing.

Not only will you be able to move the kickstand to find the best viewing angle based on your environment, you won’t have to worry about ruining the cords as well.

Having said that, Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful consoles, and as you might have heard the console recently crossed a 17.79 million mark in terms of sales, this was for until March 31st. Furthermore 4 million Switch sales were made in Japan only.

With all that said, Nintendo Charging Stand will available for purchase on July 13 for $20.