Player Earns New Crucible Rank Reward In 12 Hours in Destiny 2

Just a day ago Bungie released the new Warmind expansion for Destiny 2 bringing all new features for the Guardians. With the new update, the studio has also brought a new crucible ranking system to season 3.

The new system is called Glory, which increases with wins and decreases with losses. This seems quite tough to achieve but a one hardcore player has recently earned the must have the weapon which is tied to the Glory, called Redrix’s Claymore in just 12 hours.

Yes, Which he did it in just 12 hours by not losing a match, the Destiny 2 player took it to his Twitter ”itsBlinx” by sharing a picture of him showing off his possession of Redrix’s claymore pulse rifle which he earned after a serious grind.

He was reached out by asking how much time did it take him to achieve this, which he replied by saying 12 hours and 86 games and with no losses.

He showed off his achievement by declaring himself the first one to get it.

Now the question you might be wondering about is why itsBlinx worked so hard, spent so much time to grind to achieve this weapon. Well, Redrix’s Claymore is a fast-firing pulse rifle which comes with a new perk which was never part of the game before, it is called Desperado. This perk works at the same time with Outlaw, a perk which increases reload speed upon every kill increasing the reload rate of the rifle.

Bungie says that whoever possesses Redrix’s Claymore weapon is a skilled player, so it’s obvious itsBlinx has proved with the 86-0 record that he deserved this without a doubt.

Other than that Warmind update is here, so you can download it now and enjoy new features including:

  • A new Raild Lair: Spire of Stars
  • All new endgame activity: Escalation Protocol
  • New themed weapons, armor and gear to earn
  • New destination polar ice caps of Mars
  • All-new relic weapon, The Valkrie
  • New Strikes
  • New story missions and adventures

What do you think of this new Crucible ranking system? let us know in the comments below.