Meet Grant, The Latest Character From Overkill’s The Walking Dead

While we are away from the release of Overkill’s The Walking Dead game, the company is continuing to release more trailers showing us what characters will be present in the game and what’s the story behind them. The newest addition to the game has been revealed recently and his name is Grant.

We got a closer look at Grant in the latest trailer, who’s old and seems like he’s always carrying a sniper rifle. As seen in the trailer he likes to hang out with zombies too, he’s telling a fellow zombie about his old life where he liked to spend most of his time with his granddaughter. The old man is quite interesting, we can’t wait to see more of him and the other characters.

We have been getting these amazing character introduction trailers for some time but what remains to be seen is how these characters will be the controlled and played. We are desperately waiting for a gameplay trailer, so we hope to see more if the company is done with introductions trailers and show some us some gameplay in the future.

As for the trailers, they are all amazing, the details, graphics, characters and the whole game looks so good.

The first character we got to see was Aidan who’s trying to survive and his favorite weapon looks like to be a basketball bat with nails hammered inside to be used brutally against zombies.

After which we got our first look at the second character, Maya who’s seen working in a nurse station at the hospital which is afterward taken by zombies. She has to make some tough decisions in this survival based game.

Other than that Recently we got a look at Dev diary video which showcased the post-apocalyptic world in Georgetown in Overkill’s Walking Dead.

Overkill’s Walking Dead is expected to release this fall for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.