It is Best That God of War Doesn’t Get a DLC, Here’s Why

God Of War is one of the best games of the year. Just like everyone else, we were expecting to see God Of War DLC due to the nature and scale of this game, but it’s not going to happen and it’s a good thing, Today we will tell you why.

God Of War doesn’t have the season pass which was confirmed back in January which means there will be no content held back by the developers as said by Cory Barlog and God Of War is complete, nothing has been taken out to give to us everything we paid for.

The replayable factor in God Of War is great as there’s so much left even if you finish the long story, there are a lot of favors to do, items to find, weapons to upgrade and lots of collectibles which will keep you busy in the game for long.

Do check out our video below as we discuss other factors in detail for why no God Of War DLC is a good thing.