Immortalize Your Violence With God Of War Photo Mode, Out Today

The God of War photo mode is now available for players to make use of as they travel across the Nine Realms, allowing players to immortalize particularly awesome shots or moments to put on their social media. God of War’s photo mode follows the trend of other action games doing the same.

Photo Modes in many games are a good alternative to taking screenshots, since you can do that with the push of a button without having to remember a vocal command (on the Xbox One) or going to your dashboard on the PS4, or even remembering a key combination that could change with each different type of computer (on PC).

Players that want to make use of the God of War photo mode will have a wide variety of different add-ons to work with it, such as a number of different filters, field of view options, f-stop, focus distance, and different borders. If you want to just make dumb photos you can also change the facial expressions of both Kratos and Atreus, allowing you to amass a whole album’s worth of awkward family photos.

However, the God of War photo mode isn’t the only thing that will be coming with the game’s most recent patch, patch 1.20. The patch will also increase the size of text on the user interface, meaning you’ll no longer have to squint in order to see what’s being put up on the screen.

The addition of the photo mode will give players a quick and easy way to take pictures of the game’s stunning vistas or certain cinematic moments that you think are worth a picture, much like Final Fantasy 15’s own automatic photo mode, which took pictures of moments both in combat and while players were traveling around, making it seem more like a big road trip.

You can take the God of War photo mode for a spin now, exclusively on the Playstation 4.