Destiny 2 Warmind Sleeper Node Locations Guide – How To Override Frequencies, Find Resonate Stems, Unlock Nodes

Destiny 2 was filled with tons of extra content for the player to find and collect. It had a large number of collectibles for the players to collect and gain bonus rewards. The newest expansion Warmind comes with its own collectibles for Guardians to find and earn rewards. One of such collectibles are the Sleeper Nodes and we have curated the Destiny 2 Warmind Sleeper Node Locations Guide in which we have detailed the locations of all the Sleeper Nodes.

However, collecting these Sleeper Nodes is not that simple. Although you can simply go to their locations and find the Sleeper Nodes, you cannot actually collect them until you find four Resonate Stems and create an Override Frequency. We have explained all the steps required for finding these resonate stems, creating override frequencies and getting access to sleeper nodes below.

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Destiny 2 Warmind Sleeper Node

Sleeper Nodes are scattered throughout the world of Warmind. Each Sleeper Node has a unique Override Frequency that will allow you to access it. We have detailed the locations of all forty Sleeper Nodes below along with the process of unlocking them.

Unlocking Override Frequencies

Each Sleeper Node requires a particular Override Frequency to unlock. Without these Override Frequencies, you cannot unlock the Sleeper Nodes. Before you can actually unlock the Override Frequencies, you must have four Resonate Stems.

Even for them, you need to complete a set of objectives first. We have detailed the complete process of unlocking the Override Frequencies, collecting Resonate Stems and using them to get access to the Sleeper Nodes below:

  1. You must complete the main Warmind Story missions.
  2. After completing the main story, you will unlock Ana Bray’s quests. Complete all of them as well.
    When you unlock the Nascent Dawn 1/5 Pursuit Quest, return to Ana Bray to start it. Now you must complete the patrols and Lost Sector required for the quest. Once you have completed them, you will get four Resonate Stems.
  3. Your next step is to combine these four Resonate Stems to create an Override Frequency.
  4. Each Override Frequency is unique to a Sleeper Node and it will allow you to open only that specific node. The last three words of the Override Frequency is your hint for the Sleeper Node it is intended for.
  5. Find the Sleeper Node and return to Ana Bray for a reward and your quest advancement where you get to know that there are forty Sleeper Nodes spread across the world.
  6. For each further Override Frequency, complete more Patrol, Lost Sectors, Public Events, or loot chests from high value targets so that you get more Resonate Stems. Use them to create Override Frequencies and unlock Sleeper Nodes. Repeat the process until you have opened all forty Sleeper Nodes.

Sleeper Nodes Locations

Below we have detailed the location of all Sleeper Nodes found in the Warmind expansion for Destiny 2. You can find them all but you can open only those for which you have created the Override Frequencies. We have mentioned all located in an area. You will have to look for the right one by the last three words of the Override Frequency.

Olympus Descent

  • Located on the ledge below the entrance to the PAVONIS 45 cache.
  • Found on a lower ledge near the Glacial Drift. Look for it on the south side of the large cave.
  • Located on the left side of the entrance of the Penumbral Depths. The door is unlocked at a later stage.

Glacial Drift

  • Located on the left side right before you enter the Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector.
  • Located inside a partially open container on the bridge.
  • Located on a catwalk inside the building on the northwest end of the bridge near the train tracks.
  • Located under the bridge on the northwest side of the bridge.
  • Located in the building present on the right side while heading towards Braytech Futurescape.
  • Located in the building marked ‘C-67’ on the southwest end of the train track bridge. Find it inside the left room.
  • Located on the left side of the small building on the opposite side of the mountain. The mountain is located on the southwest end of the train tracks.
  • Located across the entrance to Alton Dynamo.
  • Located under the thin bridge, which allows you to access the second area in the Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector.
  • Located in the area after the thin bridge where you fight the cabal forces in Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector.

Dynamo Approach

  • Located on the base of the stone arch in Dynamo Approach.
  • Located above the door on the way to the Alton Dynamo in the ice cave.

Alton Dynamo

  • Located in the first room of the area.
  • Located in the first room with Frozen Hive. Look to the left side after entering the first hallway door.
  • Located in the area where the reactor is located.
  • Located in the small hallway before you encounter the wizard with the yellow bar.
  • Located inside the room where the wizard with the yellow bar is present.
  • Located inside the same yellow bar wizard room.
  • Located in the room on the right side of the first hallway with some pillars in it.
  • Located in the same yellow bar wizard area. Go down the stairs on the left side to find it.
  • Located in the corner of the room where the pyramid is present in the middle.
  • Located inside a vent, which is inside the first room on the left side with the hive.

Braytech Futurescape

  • Located on the right side of the entrance ramp to the region.
  • Located on the other ramp on the right side. The ramp leads up to a building.
  • Located between the buildings south of the location where the Injection Rig spawns.
  • Located outside the Bray building. Find it behind the blue tanks or silos.
  • Located across Ana Bray in the Bray Building.
  • Located in the hive-infested building across the Bray Building. Find it under the stairs.
  • Located in the corner of the same hive infested building.
  • Located in the Core Terminus Lost Sector. Find it in the room where you encounter thrall enemies.
  • Located on the right path behind the waterfall. This is heading towards the Dynamo Approach.

Aurora Breach

  • Located in the small room after the large octahedral. Look for the missing tile in the floor to the right side.
  • Find this one behind the crates in the room where you first encounter the Hive.

Mindlab: Rasputin

  • Located below the suspended Warsat in the dark room.
  • Located under the bridge where the first hive are inside the Mindlab.
  • Find this one inside the Mindlab. Go down using the staircase on the right where Hive Acolytes and Knight is present.
  • Located on the pathway right before the area from where you run up the tubing/wiring ramp.
  • Located on the right side of the area where you get the first Valkyrie.
  • Located right before the entrance to Rasputin’s Mindlab.

This concludes our Destiny 2 Warmind Sleeper Node Locations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!