Capcom Shares Its Strategies And Plans For The Fiscal Year, Major IPs, Dormant IP, And Remakes

Capcom shared its overview of strategies and plans for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019, and it has highlighted a lot of various future plans and strategies of the companies.

The plan for growth strategy includes regularly releasing titles for major IPs and much more. For the fiscal year, Capcom saw operating income go upward 17.5 percent year on year to £108m, with net sales up by 8.4 percent to £636m.

Below is the market overview, which suggests, Global game market to continue to expand in addition to mobile driving growth. Each of their markets is expected to expand based on Capcom’s word.

Digital Contents – Strategic Objectives and Plan
Consumer Strategies

  • Promote global expansion of major brands

Monster Hunter: World broke 8 million units* shipped; aim to grow global unit
sales with continued promotion, and with PC version

As with Title Update One (March 22) and Title Update Two (April 19), will
release multiple updates to maintain players’ interest and catalog sales

Planning to release 2 major titles

  • Grow earnings with digital downloads of new and catalog titles

Digital revenue forecast: 46.3% of Consumer net sales

  • Mobile Strategies

Launch Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 for Android/iOS in April

Expand alliances both in Japan and overseas leveraging our IP

If you wish to see the full report of Capcom strategies and plans for the fiscal year, you certainly can, by heading down to Capcom’s website.

With that being said, we are just a few days away from the biggest gaming show of the year, E3. Lucky for us the official E3 website has put up the games lineup witch all of the exhibitors will be bringing with them this year.

Capcom lineup was also listed, they will be bringing an action adventure game for the Xbox One as well as one for PC. Alongside these games, Capcom will also bring one for Nintendo Switch, and interestingly there is a wrestling title for PS4 as well.